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Xtreme Kit

Xtreme Kit is complete self-protection equipment designed as one to have an opportunity ina critical emergency situation when trapped by a wildfire.    Mehr Infos
998,25 € inkl. MwSt.

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The Xtreme Pack with an ergonomic and breathable harness distributes the different elements and weight in optimal fashion on a firefighter’s torso, allowing for free and flexible movement. The belt has a 1.5 liter hydration bladder, all while allowing for personal self-adjustment of the accessories or pockets with an Alice clip system.

The Xtreme Shelter combines a new mix of materials that provides an important improvement in isolation performance, while the new ergonomic design based on the fetal position makes it possible to significantly reduce the weight and the volume. 

The Fenzy Micro-K is a single-use self-contained breathing apparatus, that uses potassium superoxide (KO2): thehumidity and the carbon dioxide exhaled by the wearerallows the KO2 to release oxygen and absorb to CO2



 Weight 1.25 kg

 Harness sizes (S-M) y (L-XL)

 Hydration system 1.5 Liters



 Weight: 1.35 kg

 EN ISO9151:1995; EN ISO11612:2010

 EN ISO6942:2002; Levels: A1, B1, C4

 Folded size: 39 x 17 x 6 cm


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